Super Simple Ballet is a unique and exciting dance programme

which combines ballet elements, basic exercise, yoga, educational

elements specially design for girls and boys aged 2-5. The classes

introduce little students to the fundamentals of the ballet

technique through fun-packed sessions with a range of basic

ballet positions, balance and coordination challenges, floor

stretches, engaging exercises, props.

The programme is designed by Olga Bankova, a professional

ballet dancer with ten years of teaching experience and 20 years

of dancing experience. Super Simple Ballet began when Olga

was looking for the ballet classes for her then 2 year old daughter

and realised that there was a lack of ballet classes available for

young kids. While ballet was loved by many children, most classes

were too formal and lacked the fun and creative elements. Providing instruction, demonstrating steps and correcting mistakes – this sort of technique works well with 7 to 18 year olds, but completely fails when it comes to toddlers and small children who cannot concentrate for longer than 5-10 minutes. Observing her daughter, Olga created the programme using the mix of well-known nursery rhymes and some classical music and a combination of simple ballet exercises. This is how Super Simple Ballet was born!

Super Simple Ballet classes are aimed to introduce child to their first discovery of dance through some simple ballet positions enhancing imagination, confidence (social skills), rhythm, coordination and motor skills. Combined with important pre-school learning concepts such as number and colour recognition, sharing and exploring the world the programme allows little dancers to gain confidence as well as develop new and exciting dancing skills.

Child’s love for dance and music is our main mission…