" Today was my three and half year old daughter's first class with Olga and  the  rest of the group. It was a wonderful introduction to ballet for her with    pliés, pirouettes and posture exercises cleverly incorporated into kids songs. It was a great experience and we hope to continue with the weekly classes."( Mommy of 4 yo girl)

".. last Saturday my daughter did not seem to be paying attention for much  of the class. But later that day while skypeing with her grandmother, she spontaneously did the whole Mr. Golden Sun routine for her! It was so cute!" ( Mommy of 2 yo girl)

"...love your philosophy towards this baby ballet class which I honestly think it makes a lot of sense. It combines practicality and creativity together. Most   of the teacher forget to look at the child from a mum's perspective. I am glad that you are a dancing mum because you are viewing the child from different perspectives. We enjoyed your classes very much and it is  wonderful to see how my daughter progress day by day. It's not a massive nor fast changes but I can see it is coming slowly but surely. Thank you for     customizing this unique ballet to suits the need of young toddlers. This             contemporary coaching will undoubtedly brings young toddlers closer to ballet in the near future. See you next week!"( Mommy of 3 yo girl)

"We celebrated our daughter's 5th birthday today. Lovely and talented Olga Bankova gave our little guests a fantastic, fun and creative class in our  party. All the children enjoyed and all the parents were amazed! I can  
warmly recommend this kind of dance activity to any celebration! Thank you Olga! " ( Birthday party with Super Simple Ballet)

Easter Concert 2019

"We enjoyed the Easter concert and it was a good opportunity for the kids to learn about different countries and cultures. Appreciate all your patience and effort. I can see A. developing gross motor skills and getting her rhythm in dancing. Just observed that the floor is a bit slippery for dancing" (Mommy of 3yo)

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