Ballet Level 1. 
2-3.5 years old 
Dance is one of the favourite kids’ activities.  Your child will explore the magical world of ballet while you can be part of it as well.  The class includes basic ballet technique like jumping, galloping, twirling encouraging their confidence. Childrens' imagination is a key focus in our program, we use props and age appropriate songs. Combined with important pre-school learning concepts such as number and colour recognition, shapes and more the programme allows little dancers to develop new and exciting dancing skills.
Ballet Level 3
 5-7 years old

Ages 4-5 covers a basis of pre-ballet movement and will be a continuation from the previous level.  The class includes concepts that are found in an older child's class.  One or two creative or free components are also included within each class.  By the end of the year the students can dance set work independent of the teacher, memorize simple exercises and sequences and make a start of musical interpretation.

Ballet Level 2.
3.5-5 years old
Your child will be introduced to ballet moves that are a little more technical than in the younger class.

This program introduce kids to different dance culture, they explore different environment and join exiting journey around the word. 

The aim of our class is to enhance their listening skills, introduce more independence and build confidence whilst following more choreographed dances. Children also discover they can tell a story and show emotion through dance, music and imagination.

Watch your child interact with others, make new friends, work as a team and discover new ways to communicate and create.

Adult ballet.
16-61 years old

ADULT BALLET CLASSES help our students improve their grace, flexibility and control by using traditional ballet barre techniques. Students focus on proper form, alignment and discipline to help strengthen and lengthen the body, increase body awareness and gain the grace of a ballerina. Classes are ideal for beginners or for students who have not taken a ballet class in a few years.
Ballet Level 4.
7-10 years old
These classes introduces the basic ballet positions and preparatory steps.  The programme is based on Russian Vaganova method.
Students  focus more attention on ballet etiquette, terminology, musicality, and phrasing, required to execute the more demanding technical work in our ballet program.‚Äč