• Olga Bankova

Without great support, there is no great dancer

Most people talk about how difficult a dancer's career is and the challenges they face every day; however, it is important to know what is behind them: supportive parents who also put up with the day-to-day challenges of the Ballet world. This is particularly true when we are talking about ballet for kids in Super Simple Ballet.

Below, we list some of those challenges which aren’t really thought of:

1. Finding a good place for the child to be formed in a formal and professional way. There is a wide range of dance schools, so it is vital to find one where the child feels comfortable and with accredited and experienced teachers.

2. Taking them to dance classes. Making room on a busy day to carry out the dance classes that a dancer must have is another challenge that becomes a daily routine. Dancing careers are very demanding, and both parents and students have to fit the classes with other compromises such as school and work, for example.

3. Comforting them when they fail to obtain the role, getting upset and so on. Parents must be there to celebrate their triumphs and comfort them when they have not obtained the expected result and feel like giving up. Parents also instill in them the sense of discipline that dance demands for classes, rehearsals, functions and so on.

4. Being present in all their presentations. It’s not only about becoming their #1 fan. Being in the audience where they can see you (a familiar, smiling face) can give them comfort, helping them to soothe their nerves.

5. Entering an unconventional world. As parents of a dancer, you venture into various aspects: taking care of their nutrition, buying leotards, presentation suits, point shoes, learning how to do hairstyles, becoming a makeup artist, a dresser and so on.

The support, commitment and consent of the parents is vital for every dancer, since Ballet as a professional career usually begins at an early age, when the dancers are not able to fend for themselves.

We are always grateful for the parents of Super Simple Ballet' students for your trust in us and continued support!!!