• Olga Bankova

Ballet is not just for children: the many benefits of ballet for adults

Ballet is not the heritage of professional dancers or children who aspire to be professionals. We can all access it, which is why we open adult ballet classes in Manila. Classical ballet for adults is not impossible and can help you lead a healthier and more comfortable life due to all the benefits it brings to your body and mind. If your dream has always been to practice ballet, but you have never dared for considering yourself too old, then discover everything you can gain with this practice.

Classical dance is an ideal discipline for any adult after 25, in fact, you can enjoy and learn from it without having “a perfect body” or special physical conditions.

Cardiovascular activity

All dance styles are an excellent way to lose weight, improve breathing and endurance and lead a healthy lifestyle. But, in addition, classical ballet is especially good for lymphatic drainage.

Muscle strengthening

Classical ballet relies heavily on maintaining upright and stretched postures in which balance must be maintained. This makes the dancers develop very strong core muscles, which allows them to move in perfect balance on the tips without losing the grace and control of the movements.

In addition, this dance also needs a lot of elasticity of the muscles, and the flexibility that you can obtain with classical ballet in areas of the body that suffer with age, such as hips and ankles, will avoid injuries or pains that prevent you from living a full life.

This is particularly important when it comes to ballet for adults with Russian teacher in BGC.

Improvement of posture and coordination

Ballet will allow you to correct the bad postures that you have acquired over time and modulate your movements until they are agile and fluid. Not only will you look much more elegant with your new posture, but you will also feel much better and avoid back and neck pains, which is something that is taught in ballet for adults in BGC.

Improvement of memory and discipline

Ballet will encourage your concentration, your memory and your management of frustration as you see that hard work pays off. Beyond the purely physical benefits that the student begins to notice in a few weeks, it psychologically brings many benefits. And the most important is perhaps the way in which you can disconnect from daily problems and stress.

Super Simple Ballet offer weekly adult ballet classes in weekdays and weekends.

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