• Olga Bankova

Highlights for September-December 2017

We are happy to see a lot of new students joining our classes this term. Classes are almost full , but we welcome new inquiries and have just opened additional classes as well as considering new locations. If you are still in doubt, just call us now or come to a trial class (300p)

Here is some exciting highlight we are looking forward to on September-December 2017:

Two-three year old kids will enjoy their class bonding with mama/daddy/caregiver and learn how to jump, fly , hide, tiptoe and even be asleep in a ballet manners and will discover different shapes, learn about their bodies and simply enjoy socializing with new buddies.

Three -four years old kids will look closely on a variety of different professions like a fireman, a cook, a doctor, a postman etc. Through simple stories they will explore the basics of ballet steps and build the confidence in a team work.

Kids of 4-5 yo will go on an exciting journey to our solar system where science meet ballet. Impossible?! Come and see how we do it

And of course all 3 groups will celebrate very exciting, mysterious and full of surprises Super Simple Halloween parties and magical Christmas parties

We will be thrilled to see you!