• Olga Bankova

Dance quest " Who took the candy?"

Our last week was very exciting, mysterious and full of surprises. We had 4 Halloween parties for kids 2-6 yo and teacher Olga turned into a witch (for 3-6 yo) and a fairy(for 2-3 yo)!

Our little students looked great in the costumes of fairies, princesses, witches and vampires.

Starting our classes with practice of doing scary faces we were surprised to find out that someone took all

the candies from Trick or Treat bag ...Oh no!!!...

Little dancers were engaged in solving different dancing tests like walking on tip toes on the spider web

or jumping over the witch's broom. Our brave students met different characters who helped them to find candies. Two tiny skeletons taught us to do a skeleton dance and finally cute red monster Elmo gave us all treats!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!