• Olga Bankova

Super Simple Ballet

We offers dance classes for young kids(2-5 years old) - a mix of nursery rhymes and simple ballet exercises.

This is introduction to ballet for toddlers. Kids will learn how to express yourself thru the dance, will develop musicality and coordination and much more.

The basics of our toddler's ballet classes are an accessible way for young children, mixing fun and education.

There is some benefits of our dance classes for your child:

Improved balance - As well as learning how to control and move her/his body to certain beats, music types and instruction, your child gains improved balance, co-ordination and generally become more agile. These are key gross motor skills that are important for your child’s physical development.

Posture – posture also improves as self-confidence as she/he becomes more adept at tackling positions and movements. As your child becomes more body aware she/he starts to become more flexible and core strength will be enhanced.

Social skills - There is plenty of interaction, so expect your child’s social skills and ability to interact with other toddlers and preschoolers of the same age to come on in leaps and bounds. Your child’s imagination alsostretched as she/he learns to dance and stories are introduced into song and movements.

Good behaviour - Ballet is a very graceful art form and promotes manners, discipline and good behaviour, which are great everyday life skills for your child to develop.

We have two branches: Makati and the Fort, please check the schedule and location' pages

Looking forward to meet you and your little ones !!!

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