Adult Ballet

Finding ballet was like finding the missing piece of myself.
                                   - Misty Copeland

“I've never tried ballet before. I guess i was a bit nervous before the first class but it all went away during the first few minutes...


..I have a lot of positive effects like body awareness and even though i'm still very stiff i  can feel my body getting more flexible. I feel light after the class, in body and mind”


“I was afraid it was going to be too easy but..oh boy it is not(so i'm happy). The more challenge the better.


I can seriously recommend this class to everyone, young, old, working mom and not, experienced and non

- Yanty

Welcome to Super Simple Adult ballet

    Our dance adult program specially designed for complete beginners and at the same time for people who tried ballet before. The program combines fundamentals of classical ballet with yoga and pilates elements.

    We believe that  Ballet is not the heritage of professional dancers or children who aspire to be professionals. Classical ballet for adults is not impossible and can help you lead a healthier and more comfortable life due to all the benefits it brings to your body and mind. If your dream has always been to practice ballet, but you have never dared for considering yourself too old, then discover everything you can gain with this practice.

You will be patiently guided by professional ballet teacher from Russia

While the course you can improve your posture, strengthen the back muscles,  make your body more flexible and boost your energy. 

We have weekdays and weekend classes. Kindly inquire for the latest schedule here


Buy 3-classes beginners pass and get a complimentary pair of ballet shoes!!!